Joan of Arc

by Emmanuel Frémiet


Joan of Arc by Emmanuel Frémiet

Credit: T. Scheid for GPTMC

Kelly Drive at 25th Street (relocated 1960)


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Facing the Philadelphia Museum of Art stands the gilded sculpture of Joan of Arc carrrying her standard into battle.

Sculptor Emmanuel Frémiet, known for his neo-realistic works, was originally commissioned to design the monument for the Place des Pyramides in Paris. In 1889, the a near identical version of the statue was purchased from Frémiet for Philadelphia with the stipulation there would only ever be editions of the statue made.

The slightly taller version was unveiled on the Girard Avenue Bridge in November 1890. The statue was gilded in 1960 and moved to its current location near the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

While she stands tall in Paris as well, only in Philadelphia is the heroine known as “Joanie on a Pony.”