Swann Memorial Fountain

by Alexander Stirling Calder


Swann Memorial Fountain on Logan Circle.

Credit: G. Widman for GPTMC

Logan Circle
In the center of Logan Square


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The center of Logan Square belongs to the Swann Memorial Fountain, a popular sculpture by Alexander Stirling Calder, son of the City Hall William Calder.

Designed with architect Wilson Eyre, the work memorializes Dr. Wilson Cary Swann, founder of the Philadelphia Fountain Society.

Also known as the Fountain of Three Rivers, Calder adapted the the tradition of the “river god” sculpture, creating large Native American figures to symbolize the area’s major local waterways: the Delaware River (a man), the Schuylkill River (a woman) and Wissahickon Creek (a girl).

Frogs, turtles, a fish and two swans — puns on the name of Dr. Wilson Cary Swann, the fountain’s namesake — complete the group.

Children love the playful frogs and turtles that spout water toward the 50-foot geyser in the center.