Moore College of Art and Design

The first and only women’s college of art and design in the nation


Moore College of Art & Design

Credit: J. Smith for GPTMC


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Founded in 1848 as an art school for women, Moore College continues its mission to train aspiring female artists. Visitors can engage with the school through The Galleries at Moore, exploring the work of established and emerging artists and designers.

Showing work in its two large, airy galleries, Moore College has set a standard of excellence in its exhibit program. The Paley Gallery seeks out significant artists who deserve wider attention from the U.S. and abroad; a highlight is their biennial Moore International Discovery Series. The Levy Gallery offers a showcase for artists of the Philadelphia region, often grouped by interesting themes.

As a women’s visual art and design college, maybe it’s not surprising that Moore has put on shows highlighting the contributions of women artists.


In 1848, founder Sarah Worthington Peter established the College, then called Philadelphia School of Design for Women, to offer women an education that could lead to financial independence. The school’s first major, textile design, prepared women to work in new careers offered by the advent of the Industrial Revolution, and today offers nine majors.

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